Holiday Party Central


Whether you’re planning to host an elaborate party this holiday season, or you need something to contribute to the office Thanksgiving party. This is the time to start looking for easy, delicious, and beautiful appetizers and desserts. And don’t forget to have a couple of hostess gifts on hand.

Fresh Beautiful Appetizers

These appetizers are all about letting simple ingredients shine. They can be made in minutes, are full of flavor, and are the perfect way to be festive and healthy at the same time!

pears with goat cheese and pistachios

chili lime peanuts

pear app corrected

Warm and Savory Appetizers

Add a little heft to the appetizer table with these warm and savory dishes. They work really nicely with meat and cheese platters. And are a gorgeous first course when plated atop fresh greens.

grilled veggie platter

asian chicken skewers



Holiday parties are not complete without dessert!

cream puffs

chewy ginger snaps

Host and Hostess Gifts

These recipes not only make great hostess gifts, but are perfect to have on hand for teacher’s gifts. Package them in mason jars or simply in clear bags with cute ribbons. You can even gussy them up with personalized gift tags. Here’s a great collection of free templates!


pear jam

cranberry granola



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