The Many Benefits Of Menu Planning


From young people just starting out their careers to mothers juggling a career and children, many of us are pressed for time and money. However, we also want to be healthier, have more energy, and live more fully. One arena that often affects our financial and physical health is making meals for others. Menu planning is an excellent strategy for saving time and money while also getting healthier.

No matter where you are in your life arc, menu planning saves time. For example, by planning a full week of meals in advance, you have the ingredients and the flexibility to prepare and eat a meal without running off to the store each day or having to come up with a meal on the fly. Preparing a large one-pot meal on a Sunday leaves leftovers for another night, freeing up even more time. Additionally, you can double your favorite stew or chili recipe and freeze the extra for more financial and time savings.

Planning your meals allows you to know ahead of time what you need when you go shopping. This reduces the impulse buying and instead places the focus on getting just what you need. As you evolve your skills, you can even look for the best bargain (for example, substituting ground chicken when on sale for pork or beef). Combine your meal planning with timely coupon offers for even more savings. With a plan, you are in the best position to stretch your dollars.

Many families struggle with preparing balanced, nutritious meals. Menu planning gives you the up-front opportunity to plan and prepare delicious and wholesome foods. You avoid the prepared meals and processed foods. In the same way, menu planning also reduces traditional food waste since you are only buying what you need for your planned meals.

A final advantage to menu planning is the reduction on the visits to the store. This reduction saves time, but it also saves on gas and car maintenance. Over the course of a single year, reducing your visits to the store by fifty percent could save you hundreds of dollars. The advantages of menu planning are many. Get started with menu planning today and watch your financial and physical health improve.




Source: Keeping the Kingdom First

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