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Harvest Haversack

Hi! I’m Katie, and I am the proud owner of Harvest Haversack, an Australian-based homewares brand with an environmentally responsible conscience. I create quality, unique, handmade eco-friendly kitchen accessories.

After my mom passed away in 2008, I found myself reflecting upon my life and reassessing my future. I eventually made a decision to re- prioritize. Life is short, and the majority of it is spent working, so shouldn’t we be doing something we love? So, I resigned from my job as a graphic designer. It was a risk, but I felt optimistic about the future.

Around that time, I also became increasingly aware of climate change, and the impact it will have on future generations. My mission became to live an environmentally responsible lifestyle. As a result, I created Harvest Haversacks to help me minimize my environmental footprint. Soon thereafter I began selling my eco-friendly grocery bags on Etsy.

My quirky but practical kitchen products are handmade in Melbourne, using 100% certified organic cotton and sustainable hemp blend fabric. I handprint the original designs using eco-friendly inks. Resulting in a range of reusable drawstring sacks for fruit, vegetables, bread, herbs, leg ham and coffee beans that can be used in the fridge, kitchen or pantry.

My range of lightweight yet strong and durable storage solutions are also handy for use at the supermarket or farmers market. They eliminate the need to use any plastic or disposable paper bags. Each machine washable product protects food from harsh, damaging light, whilst allowing air-flow, to maintain optimal food freshness and minimize kitchen waste.

Set of 3 Reusable Screen Printed Grocery Bag
(Retail Value US$77)


These quirky but practical grocery bags are handmade in Melbourne, using 100% certified organic cotton and sustainable hemp blend fabric, and handprinted with original designs using eco-friendly inks. Designed to keep fruit, vegetables, ham, bread, herbs and coffee beans fresh in the fridge, kitchen or pantry; these bags are machine washable, lightweight, yet strong and durable storage solutions.

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  1. Linda Kish says:

    I would love to win a set of these.

  2. Nanci Kettler says:

    Great bags! They’re wonderful!

  3. heather steves says:

    gotta love giveaways 🙂

  4. Katherine says:

    Such a great idea. Love these.

  5. cmigneron says:

    Love these bags!

  6. Sandra Gerritz says:

    How pretty it would be to open the refrigerator to see these bags. I would love to win them!

  7. karenkimberly says:

    Wonderful bags!

  8. Misty says:

    These are awesome!

  9. Debora Schmitt says:

    Nice looking. Will they keep mushrooms from getting watery?

  10. amy coffey says:

    So cute! Would love them!

  11. alissabeth taylor says:

    I would love to use these! The plastic seems to make things spoil so much faster!

  12. Cathy says:

    I totally agree!

  13. Kayee says:

    Creative ideas!

  14. Elizabeth says:

    These are super cute!

  15. Jaime Shockley says:

    These are great!

  16. Samantha Blath says:

    Those bags are adorable!

  17. Darlene Carbajal says:

    These are cool!!! Thanks!

  18. Debby Etling says:


  19. Kim Reid says:

    I would like to replace plastic with these great bags!

  20. Cathy Insler says:

    I live in an area where plastic bags have been ban. I love how cute these are.

  21. Katrina says:

    I have been looking for something like this – would love to win!

  22. Shirley Wood says:

    LOVE these and would love to be the winner!
    Shirley @Intelligentdomestications.com

  23. Dorothy Boucher says:

    I would love these Awesomeness Bags 🙂 thanks for giving us an opportunity for a chance to win these 🙂 @tisonlyme143

  24. Robyn says:

    My city has a ban on plastic bags, so I would LOVE to have these

  25. Julie Cruz says:

    These are the perfect bags! Would love to win!!

  26. helga says:

    Yes, I would, these are so much more attractive!

  27. Laura Rogers says:

    These are uber cool, and adorable! Hope I win!

  28. Becky VanGinkel says:

    I personally would LOVE to ditch plastic bags!! These are so useful and as the mom of 3 young children I try my best to set good, positive examples for them and being able to show them the positive impact these bags would have on so many different aspects of our lives would be amazing 🙂 Thanks for the chance..


  29. linda w. says:

    Love them! They are so cute.

  30. Lynn says:

    Yes i would! and i would love to ditch those useable made from plastic bags as well! they’re ugly and stiff!

  31. Barrie says:

    What an awesome idea!! I worry though how much more these will weigh at checkout. I would still pay more per pound for these than to have to use plastic!

  32. Brandie Marten says:

    I have been looking for a good solution for storing my potatoes and onions!

  33. Brittany Koelmel says:

    my boyfriend who is about to graduate college with a environmental science degree would love these!

  34. Kate says:

    These are cute! I have some go-to reusable bags when I go grocery shopping, but you can really never have enough. 🙂

  35. These are SO awesome. I have some reusable bags, but would love to have more so I can completely ditch plastic.

  36. These are such adorable bags and I love the fact that they’re organic and earth-friendly! 🙂

  37. Trina Gavin says:

    loved to have these awesome bags!!!

  38. Cynthia Franceus says:

    These are so awesome! Great idea and beautiful designs.

  39. Kitty Iecvan says:

    I’d love to use these!

  40. Kathy Wade says:

    Love the look and the thought behind these bags! Thanks for the opportunity!

  41. sandie Bello says:

    These bags are super cute and kinda funky retro! They would be perfect for the things I buy in bulk!

  42. Connie Cain says:

    These bags are awesome!

  43. jasmine burdett says:

    i agree i love the bag

  44. Heather LoPresti says:

    These are fun!

  45. Maile Zahand says:

    Super cute! Love to not use plastic!

  46. Wilma P says:

    I think these are great….especially for mushrooms

  47. Michele Baird says:

    Love the large print, your items are so useful!

  48. Would love to win these and use less plastic!

  49. Crystal Taylor says:

    I love this idea and their good looking to boot! So long ugly bags – HELLOOOOO haversacks!

  50. Faye Rucker says:

    So cute hate those plastic bags Thanks for a chance to win these awesome bags

  51. Sue Hull says:

    I hate plastic bags and don’t use them except the yucky produce ones. These bags are beautifully done and look like they’re made with love. Thank you so much for the chance 🙂

  52. Jamie Martin says:

    I surely would!

  53. Lily Kwan says:

    I would!

  54. Tara L says:

    I’d love a set of these bags. They are so adorable & I love them already!

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